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What started out as a side project soon turned out to be one of Belgium's fastest growing underground bands. Armed with a set full of original songs and a British singer, Arizona started hitting stages all over Belgium in 2010. The band supported the likes of: Youmeat6(UK), Vanna(US), Architects(US), MXPX (Us), A Wilhelm Scream (Us), The Used (Us), The Casting Out(Us), Stray From The Path (Us), Title Figth (Us) ... and got treated to Festival-spots on Rock Herk, Rock Planet (Ita), Rockfest, ...Their debut release "Popcorn & Cinemagic" on Funtime Records saw the band tour not only in Belgium but also the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland & Italy. In the summer of 2012 Arizona had the pleasure of being asked to record a studio session for national television with an interview which aired everyday throughout the month of September and is still being played today once a week. In December 2012 they released their first 7 inch called "Pilot". 2013 we'll see the band write their second full length, supporting Funeral For A Friend (Uk) and playing loads of shows in Europe and UK. We can assure you, the best is yet to come!


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