Anne van de Star

Anne van de Star

Artist and sounddesigner

    • Ambient
    • Electronic
    • Producer
    • Solo
  • Brussel-Stad


INTRODUCTION In the broad sense, I consider myself as a creator of images. On the one hand I focus on making movies, performances and drawings, on the other hand I design sound structures and soundscapes. I consider these sound-works as 'sculptures' of which the matter is not visible, but audible, and yet in their own way almost palpable because of their extremely physical character. This physicality is further supported by the areas in which I present them (the architectural influence of a room, a hall, a building, etc.), and by the various sound-systems I deploy. In my audio-work two seeming opposites are unified: the medium is almost sculptural, but at the same time it escapes the static quality, because of its constant mutability and transience. It is a medium that develops itself through time and in this way offers the audience an experience of constant change and development. My work is driven by the intention to make the viewer experience something. I want to involve him in an experience that every spectator will interpret in his own subjective way. These experiences are always related to time and space: the hypnotic experience in which time and space are fluid and it becomes impossible to locate yourself and determine where exactly it is that you are. It is a questioning of the coordinates of body and mind, thus posing a question about identity and the real self.



  • Anne van de Star

    • 35
    • Antwerpen (BE)




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