ANLYN: a young rising popstar with a talent for writing music and performing it on a stage. Once you've seen her preform, you're gonna love the energy she gives!

    • Poprock
    • Pop
    • covers
    • Solo
    • Band
  • Antwerpen-Stad


ANLYN is a belgian rising star in the music industry, captivating audiences with her electro pop sound, uptempo beats, and an energy that defines her musical style. Her music is a reflection of her core values – spreading feel-good vibes, positivity, spontaneity, and make fans forget about their worries. ANLYN values open communication with her fans, addressing essential topics such as body positivity, mental health, sports, and family. ANLYN’s fan base is a diverse mix of individuals, spanning all genders and ranging from ages 15 to 30. When it comes to role models, she draws inspiration from artists like Tate Mcrae, Fletcher… ANLYN is not only a musician but also a tiktok sensation, showcasing her creativity and engaging with her fans through short, entertaining videos. Furthermore, she remains committed to her academic pursuits, balancing her studies with her online presence.




  • Anneleen Debaveye

    • 21
    • Antwerpen (BE)

    Strijker - Stem - Toetsen - Gitaar



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