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Amber Haddad, a Belgium/Lebanese singer from Ghent (BE). Together with her band, the Amber Haddad Quintet, Amber found her own unique sound somewhere between Arabic music, Flamenco, jazz and pop.

Always looking for new sounds, Amber dived into traditional Lebanese music, and lost her heart to the song ‘Ana la habibi’ by the great vocalist Fairuz. Bringing relatively unknown music to Dutch & Belgian audiences in combination with more approachable Western jazz music. Her urge is to let her emotions run wild in places where the audience can experience a journey throughout feelings, stories and colours in the world of Amber and her Belgian and Lebanese roots.

Vital for Amber her sound are the influences of Lebanese singers such as Fairuz and Mike Massy. In combination with Western artists like Simin Tander, Bon Iver, Avishai Cohen and Ella Fitzgerald, the result is music where peacefulness, warm colours and honest expression take the listener through an emotional landscape.

The Amber Haddad Quintet found their own way of interpreting oriental music combined with mediterranean music. They create songs from Fairuz and other Arabic composers into their own impression and arrangements. Together with their own compositions, which represent the characteristics and uniqueness of the band, they create a beautiful balance between comfort and challenge. Intimacy is the word they want to maintain, being close and connected through their passion for music as well as being connected with the audience.

Amber Haddad loves to take her audience on a journey through music, cultures, emotions, through everyday challenges or ordinary moments, through moments in life that shakes you and puts you back on the ground.

Amber shows with pleasure her true self by means of lyrics and music.



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