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Inspired by Jay Z, 50 cent and many other greats in the history of HipHop culture Belgium- born and raised rapper and producer Al Merai started making music in a small garden shed his father allowed him to use.

Growing up in a traditional Moroccan household this dream was a challenge to sell to those that raised him. Especially because it was so unexpected when he dropped out of college after skipping class for 2 years and decided to go all in with music.

The now 24 year old creative only cares about 1 thing. Giving people timeless value. His prolific output ranges from the introspective and conceptual storytelling reminiscent of a young Kendrick Lamar to sharp lyricism and melodic hooks.

“Ambitious, hungry and overlooked make a mean combination. Thats me. I have a huge chip on my shoulder that I don’t even want to lose”


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