An 'All-Turnative' window into my world of rap and hiphop — FINALIST HUMO'S ROCK RALLY 2020 -> N.I.A. 2024... 👀

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'Maak kennis met de Denzel Curry van Deinze!' - Humo (2020)

Get to know the Belgian/Zambian artist All-Turn, the alias of Asante Chibwe Brochez: 22 years old, from around Ghent, living in Brussels, Belgium

In 2020, HE WAS A FINALIST in HUMO'S ROCK RALLY! Since then he has been striving for more and pushing his artistic boundaries.

Growing up, All-Turn was surrounded by music. Everywhere he went, he (sub)consciously listened to different tastes. From listening to the car-radio with his dad, to listening to the selfmade mixtape CD's his mother played throughout the day.

His musical journey started in 2018, when he met likeminded friends who were also at a similar starting point. Saying that he's passionate about performing and creating new songs, is an understatement. All-Turn is out here to enjoy life with all kinds of opportunities, either created by himself or handed to him! Right now he aspires to be among the best performers/rappers in Europe. But first, the plan is to conquer Belgium. 😉




  • Asante Brochez

    • 22
    • Ghent (BE)

    Stem - Writer



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