Alaska Gold Rush

Alaska Gold Rush

Free Folk Garage duo (guitar-drums)

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Alaska Gold Rush carves its free folk garage into folk songwriting to extract new forms. The Belgian duo unfolds its stories in songs dressed in poetic texts and subtle melodies with an impressive guitar-drums combination. Renaud (guitar, vocals) and Nicky (drums) fill the whole space, going back and forth between intensity and delicacy in a haunting, wavy movement. Two Gallants meeting Big Thief.

Their 2022 third album “Human Flare” received excellent reviews in France and Belgium: ten luminous tracks on the theme of humans in their relations. This new LP was led by three very different singles: “OD On Sugar” or how to overdose on watered-down speeches, “Trampoline” and his chilling look at the nonsense of bullshit jobs, and the powerful “Arsonist” with these two young partners in crime hanging around after school.


  • 2022: Human Flare (LP)
  • 2020: Before The Carnival – Live at Botanique (EP)
  • 2020: Camouflage (LP)
  • 2019: Birthday Parties (Single)
  • 2018: And The Sky Dives Again (EP)
  • 2016: Wild Jalopy Of The Mist (LP)
  • 2015: Dirty Road (EP)
  • 2013: Pilot Village Midnight (EP)

Some recent Press Reviews :

ROLLING STONE (France – 2022) “Un folk/rock chauffé à blanc où les mélodies débordent de générosité. Un plaisir non dissimulé.”

ROCK'N'FOLK (France – 2022) “Puissant et habité.”

LE SOIR (Belgium – 2022) “Tout ici est lumineux”

METRO (Belgium – 2022) “Een originele combinatie van elektrische gitaar en drums”

RTBF/JAM (Belgium – 2022) "Un des albums du printemps”

LARSEN (Belgium – 2022) "Véritables tremplins vers l’intime et l’ailleurs”

MARIE CLAIRE (Belgium – 2022) “On approuve Alaska Gold Rush”

LA LIBRE (Belgium – 2022) “Belles pépites envolées pop rock”

LA FACE B (Belgium – 2022) “Troisième bijou d’Alaska Gold Rush”

MUSICZINE (Belgium – 2022) ”Deux talents hors normes.”

LA VAGUE PARALLELE (Belgium – 2022) “A la manière des grands peintres”




  • Ledru Renaud

    • 37
    • Bruxelles (BE)

    Gitaar - Stem

  • Nicky Collaer

    • 41
    • Bruxelles (BE)



  • Atelier Rock

    Huy (BE)

  • Drink Drink

    Bruxelles (BE)

  • Le Bateau Ivre (+ Peter Kernel)

    Tours (FR)

  • Tête de Chou

    Rennes (FR)

  • Private show

    Tubize (BE)


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