• Ambient
    • Synth
    • Experimental
    • Tribal
    • Cinematic Arabic influenced
    • Solo


Zaydan, a Brussels-based Moroccan new upcoming artist (singer-songwriter), who views music as a doorway to his deepest self. Since his early childhood, he has always been passionated by the art of singing and dancing. He decided to devote himself to creating music, at the age of 21. From there on, his love for music only started to grow bigger and stronger. Zaydan describes his music as an emotional rollercoaster that travels through different dimensions and universes. His love for cinematic music led him to use that in combination with experimental pop and Arabic influences, to eventually create his own music. Currently he has been busy working on his debut EP Named “L’ombre”.


  • Rayan chberal

    • 22
    • Brussel, België



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