Titans Rage

Titans Rage

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After many meetings during all these years,

with the desire and promise to start a group together

Guy 'bad guy' Duvy ( 1985 – 1991: Drakkar, Whisper 1996 – 1998 ,

Burden of Flesh 2008 – 2013 , The Hell Patrol 2008 to the Present )

and Olivier Bourgois ( Blackwhite, kublaikhan, Project, Time killers and Rozz)

have finally created Titans rage.

The style will not surprise anyone: good Franco Belgian heavy metal.

We entrusted the composition and recording of the drums for the album Never

surrender to Jerem 'scudfire' Jacquart

( Tezzah, Rozz, Time killers, Adam Bomb, Christophe Marquilly and Rachezeit )

Thomas Decruck (Allience – cover Maiden) takes the place of solo guitarist and

thomas vanhorebeek ( Innerfire ) as second guitarist.

It's in this configuration that was born our first album "never surrender", released in

November 2022, as well as the two videos illustrating the titles

never surrender and welcome to my hell, which you can discover on our facebook and


The year 2023 will witness the arrival of Patrick di Venti, also former member of innerfire in

replacing Thomas Decruck, and Adrien Delgambe ( currently drummer of Drakkar )

as our official drummer.

The arrival of these two new members allowed us to make several dates with the group

sacrilege and participate in the Park rock festival in Baudour in Belgium in August 2023 and

the Autfest festival in Bruay la buissière in September 2023.

Regarding our projects, the group is currently at Bavay road studio to finalize

two new tracks for our second album, which will be the subject of two promotional videos

and we will participate in the Damned soul festival in January 2024 in Durbuy


Hoping that this Biography will have allowed you to know more about the group Titans rage, and

will give you the desire to discover our titles and our many videos on facebook.

Titans Rage - Line Up.

Olivier bourgois / Lead Voc

Guy Duvy / Bass Gtr

Patrick di venti/ Lead Gtr

Thomas Vanhorebeek / Lead Gtr

Adrien Delgambe / Drum


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