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    • Indie Pop
    • Electronic
    • Solo
  • Antwerpen-Stad


TEUN (19) was born in Maastricht and currently lives in Antwerp. She grew up in a creative melting pot, always surrounded by music and instruments. At the age of 9 TEUN started writing her own songs, which she composed on the piano in the living room.

During high school TEUN prepared to attend an academic dance academy, for which she, at 15, moved to Tilburg on her own. She never stopped writing songs, and upon finishing her high school dance course, she followed her heart. Instead of pursuing a dance career, she moved to Antwerp to feed her aspirations in music.

Rather than releasing different songs, TEUN partnered with some established names in the industry to build her bigger picture. In 2022 she toured with Eefje de Visser as a dancer & backing singer at several big festivals. During this tour she met producer Daan Schepers (Bazart, Eefje de Visser, High Hi), with whom she teamed up to pour her music into a debut EP.

They managed to capture her personal growth and self-development journey through mesmerizing electronics and deeply melancholic songs. TEUN feels forever inspired by artists such as Lana del Rey, Robyn and Solange.

10 years after composing her first song, at 19 years old, TEUN is now ready to present her first EP to the world.


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