mangement: cloudshaper

    • Ambient
    • Hyperpop
    • Hiphop
    • Trap
    • Electronic
    • alternative soul r&b
    • Solo
  • Brugge


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Alternative hip-hop sensation SPACEBABYMADCHA offers up a dreamy -transcendental flow on catchy productions making them one of the most unique in the Belgian scene. SBM is a multidisciplinary musician, composer, vocal artist and rapper creating around the genres of club R&B, ambient, alternative soul r&b and electronic hip-hop. SBM is mostly known for their energetic live shows, making them one of the most interesting acts on the European Radar.

With the long anticipated second EP "CYCLES" SBM has proven that they is in for the long run. Winning an Ensor Award for best music for making the score of the a belgian television series ROOMIES, being part of Studio Brussels Nieuwe lichting and just by one of the most highly demanded booked artists in the alternative hip hop belgian scene. SBM is offering a new sound to Europe that is hypnotizin the scene.

SBM has been featured on multiple international and national platforms and gigs such as Fifty Labs Festival (Brussel based International showcase festival), We Are Open and has been featured in international magazines such as Dilemma, has been featured on national and international radiostations such as The Pit London, Studio Brussel and played multiple international gigs such as in London, Amsterdam and has played at the major festivals in Belgium such as Dour festival, Couleur Cafe.

SBM is what we call an emerging talent.




  • SBM

    • 25
    • (BE)




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