Shaq B.

Shaq B.

    • Gangsta Rap
    • Trap
    • Cloud Rap
    • Emo Rap
    • Boom Bap
    • Alt. Hiphop
    • Drill
    • Hiphop
    • Solo
  • Antwerpen-Stad


Hailing from Antwerp (Belgium), "Shaq B." is a young and rising artist who harnesses the power of uplifting and energetic tunes to invigorate his listeners. With a style that fuses various genres and influences, Shaq B. creates a sonic experience that radiates positivity and enthusiasm.

Although he is still in the early stages of his music career and hasn't achieved notable accomplishments yet, Shaq B. is on an unwavering journey to make his mark in the music world. His aspiration is crystal clear: to ascend to the pinnacle of the industry, inspiring and uplifting people along the way.

Join Shaq B. on this exciting musical adventure, where he aims to spread joy and vitality through his electrifying beats and infectious melodies. Follow him on all platforms to catch his latest releases and to be a part of the journey as he aims for the top.



  • Shaq B.

    • 21
    • Antwerpen, België



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