No Sugar

No Sugar

Year-long friendship turned dream into reality. Autodidact quartet Sica, Lina, Hoàng Anh & Danny blend originals & covers. Embrace imperfection & outsiders.

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  • Brussel-Stad


Originating from a year-long journey that crystallized their dreams, the band has swiftly emerged as a compelling musical force. A documentary unveiled their remarkable trajectory, showcasing a tale born out of friendship and the allure of pursuing the extraordinary. Each member of this eclectic ensemble embarked on their first musical endeavor, transforming their shared aspirations into a vibrant reality.

Central to their narrative are the bonds that emerged within this group of friends, who initially found solace and inspiration in each other's company. Three of the quartet - Sica, Lina, and Danny - honed their musical prowess through a self-taught approach, a testament to their innate passion and dedication. This autodidactic trio breathes life into an array of musical renditions, ranging from original compositions that reveal their emotional landscapes to reimagined covers that captivate diverse audiences.

At the heart of their sonic tapestry is Sica, who assumes the roles of songwriter, guitarist, and bassist. Infusing her creative essence into the band's works, she channels a profound connection to their shared journey and individual growth. Lina, an accomplished guitarist in her own right, lends a distinctive flavor to their compositions, her strings weaving intricate narratives that enhance the collective identity.

Hoàng Anh, a visionary singer and embodiment of authenticity, envisions expanding their musical horizons by mastering the bass in the near future. This pursuit is a testament to their commitment to growth and the unwavering exploration of new artistic dimensions.

Completing the quartet is Danny, a remarkable guitarist and singer. Their presence adds depth to the band's harmonies, enriching the vocal landscape with their distinctive voice and passionate expressions.

Yet their journey is not solely defined by musical proficiency; rather, they boldly embrace imperfections and the very essence of being outsiders. This courage to stand apart resonates deeply in their music, forging a connection with listeners who find solace in their unapologetic authenticity.

As the band continues to evolve, the world is invited to witness the magic that unfolds when dreams are cultivated within the fertile soil of friendship and driven by an unquenchable thirst for musical exploration.


  • Hoàng Anh Duchatelet

    • 23
    • Elsene, België


  • Lina Haddouch

    • 22
    • Brussel, België


  • Danny Dubois

    • 22
    • Brussel, België


  • Sica Kidjo

    • 20
    • Brussel, België

    Gitaar - Stem


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