Mosquito Memory

Mosquito Memory

4-headed psychedelic sludge band from Ghent🇧🇪

    • Stoner
    • Psychedelic
    • Doom Metal
    • Sludge
    • Band
  • Gent


A collision of 4 men took place afar from the surface layer of life. Roaming the underground, our minds and skills were fused, giving birth to a shared musical project,

Mosquito Memory.

As a reference to our native origin,

this is the translation of what we call “muhhenheheuhen” (West-Flemish)

- the lack of longterm memory.

A promise of a tunnelvision trance caused by doomed tunes and rhythm.

This is were we take you on the obscured musical trip of amplified compelling riffs accompanied with energetic drums.

Sludge with a psychedelic undertone.

For those that appreciate Kyuss, Sleep Dopelord, Electric wizard & Eyehategod..

We’re adding to the madness!


  • Vincent Reynders

    • 32
    • Gent, België


  • Matteo De Schryver

    • 30
    • 9820 Merelbeke, België


  • Jeoffrey Bourgois

    • 30
    • 8870 Izegem, België


  • Hannes Teetaert

    • 28
    • 8020 Oostkamp, België



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