A passionate and driven artist who doesn't allow any kind of obstacle to limit his desire for growth and spiritual fulfillment.

    • Hiphop
    • Solo
  • Antwerpen-Stad


Maysan is an artist based in the city of Antwerp. As one could say he is still a diamond in the rough. With every release his skills are expanded and further improved.

With influences that have roots tracing back to Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Eminem, Maysan combines the best of all worlds to create his own way of expressing his life experiences.

Maysan describes himself as a sacrifice for a better tomorrow. Being someone who doesn't rely on talent but instead on persistency fueled by the passion to improve.

After his first release “Dark Times” back in May of 2023 under a collaborative project called “Channel2K”, Maysan continued his focus on releasing music all throughout the year.

Having released 4 singles, 2 of which had a visualiser and 2 music videos. He has no plans on stopping. In his own words “This is not even the beginning.”

In 2024 Maysan aims to release another set of singles and his first debut EP titled "Face Your Fears". Maysan remains to work silently in the shadows as he improves his skills relentlessly.

Besides music there will also be behind the scenes footage available of “Channel2K”. These can range from music video shoots to even the preparation of them.

For a closer look into this you can check Maysan out on Social media.




  • Maysan

    • 26
    • Antwerpen, België



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