MC Alpha Bee

MC Alpha Bee

Born in Ghent Belgium. Out of the box DJ, Producer & Founder of the real DJ JOURNEYS & #ATDHTM Bookings : Follow me on :

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A few years ago MC Alpha Bee, discovered by Black Coffee himself, performed a lot of his sets in the Black Coffee 'IBiZA' Sounds mixcloud platform

After years of hard labour with soul, energy, spirit and a true story with messages (founder of the real DJ JOURNEYS) in the remixes, MC Alpha Bee became a real artist in the AfroTribalDeepHipTechMinimal (#ATDHTM) own founded style.

A style made of AfroTribalDeep House mostly from SA (South Africa) and other African countries with alternative African percussions, some touch of Belgium House & Techno scene, hiphop mostly from USA and around the world and last but not least some of his own selfmade stuffs.

One BIG combination, mixing the impossible to possible like the Chef choose the right ingredients to make a marvelous extraordinary meal!

His goal when he makes a set is inspirating everybody with uplifting vibes and energy by bringing a beautiful and epic AfroTribalDeep Journey series who are quite poetic, having a healing safe effect, sharing the love and bringing everybody to dance a lot.

Born in Ghent and already a fan of hip-hop at his 15th came his nickname 'MC' and began his journey to 'float like a butterfly 🦋, sting like a Bee 🐝' (quote from Muhammad Ali for motivation, always work and train hard to reach the summum of your limits) and later the love for house music and alternatives.

The moto of MC Alpha Bee:

- Never give up your goals nor your dreams, how difficult sometimes it can be.

- Listen to my marvelous music full of JOURNEYS, follow the flow, feel the vibes and push yourself to heaven (Alpha).

- Play for the people, cause they make the Party! This is the only way to be one of a kind DJ !

With kind regards

MC Alpha Bee

Out of the box DJ, Producer & Founder of #ATDHTM & the real DJ JOURNEYS


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