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Hi, I'm GUERR3 or Warre voor de vrienden,

I'm thrilled to have you join me on my DJ journey wich started about a year ago. As a "converted to" bass lover, my heart beats to the rhythms of hardtechno, but my true passion lies in the skanking world of Drum and Bass.

When I step behind the decks, I'm all about creating a good experience that will leave you craving more. I love experimenting with different styles, blending them together to create a sound that i try to make mine a bit.

Expect a varied set with boundaries being pushed and increased BPM's.

One thing you can count on is my fast mixing style. I thrive on the high-energy atmosphere it creates, fast transitioning between tracks and keeping the momentum going, when the equipment allows it ofcourse.

That being said, enjoy my journey ! And feel free to contact mee for any questions.

Cheers !

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