Dj Sef sansT

Dj Sef sansT

I am Dj Sef sansT, 17 years old (O3/03/07) and I am from Antwerp. Since a few years I dream of becoming a full-time DJ.

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  • Wijnegem


DJ Sef sansT, born on March 3, 2007, in Wijnegem, Antwerp, Belgium, is an emerging talent in the music scene. At just 17 years old, he has distinguished himself through his passion for music, impressive live tricks, and the ability to create unique mashups.


DJ Sef sansT, whose real name is Sef Daponte, grew up in Wijnegem and developed a deep love for music at a young age. He inherited the passion from his father, who is also a DJ, teaching him the basics, and together they DJ for Redbeats.


The inspiration behind my DJ name is drawn from Mark with a K. While many people commonly address me as Stef, the correct pronunciation is Sef. Hence, I chose the name Sef sansT. The addition of "sansT" not only reflects the correct pronunciation but also incorporates the sound of "santé," a term used in festive occasions.


  • Versuz
  • IKON
  • Club Vaag
  • MNM STDJ 2023
  • RAFC Croky Cup Finale

A notable moment in his career was his participation in the MNM Start To DJ 2023 competition, where he made an impression by reaching the semi-finals. He is very grateful for his performance on MNM, which is available for replay on Youtube.

Performances for RAFC at the Bosuil:

Another aspect of DJ Sef sansT's career is his involvement with the football club RAFC at the Bosuil. He has performed for thousands of supporters during important events, including the Cup Final against KV Mechelen. He has also played through all the stadium speakers for some matches and during halftime. He performed a set after the match against Genk when the Royal Antwerp Football Club became champions.


DJ Sef sansT has played at various youth parties, including IloveSint-Job, Japresski, Ilove2aspi, Chirofuif-Wijnegem, Chirofuif-Schilde, Parsifiësta, Dafalgaspi, NachtVanDeJeugdbeweging, JC Ahoy, Aspizwaanstni and more. Furthermore, he has performed multiple times in clubs such as Café Local and Kavka Zappa, for events like ILoveBobo parties.


He aspires to make DJing his full-time profession or become a radio presenter. His inspirations, James Hype and Fred Again, reflect his admiration for artists known for their live tricks.




  • Dj Sef sansT

    • 17
    • Wijnegem, België



  • Set op Top Radio


  • Japresski (Jongerenfuif)

  • Girls Like DJ’s ~ Versuz


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