Luide, gevarieerde rock 'n' roll van Belgische makelij.

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  • Zoersel


Aerglo is a guitar based rockband from Belgium. It was founded in 2019 by brothers Jens (Bass and backing vocals) and Niels (Lead singer and rhytm guitar) Van Winckel. They were soon joined by drummer Robbe Van Laerhoven and started practicing as a 3 piece. In early 2020 Frederik Bekaert joined the band as lead guitarist.

The band plays a combination of their own original songs, combined with a few classic covers with their personal touches.

The band is influenced by brit-pop icons Oasis, the recognisable riffs of Red Hot Chillipeppers' John Frusciante, the highly advanced drumms of Led Zeppelin's John Bonham and many more.

In short, a classic and loud 4 piece rockband wich uses great sounds out of Rock 'n Roll history to create their own music.



  • Niels Van Winckel

    • 22
    • 2980 Zoersel, België

    Gitaar - Stem

  • Jens Van Winckel

    • 21
    • 2980 Zoersel, België

    Bas - Stem

  • Robbe Van Laerhoven

    • 22
    • 2980 Zoersel, België


  • Frederik Bekaert

    • 23
    • 2930 Brasschaat, België



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