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Five musicians that have played in various bands together for 20 years finally joined forces in 2016 to create heavy metal in the traditional sense of the word. Hunter represents powerful heavy metal, averse to subgenres and stereotypes. A combined century of experience and all sorts of influences come together as a mighty brew that tastes like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Manilla Road, Metal Church, Omen and Cirith Ungol.

Press Reviews:

"If these guys are any representation of the talent there, Belgium is one of the best kept secrets in heavy metal, boys and girls." - SkullsNBones, USA

"Hunter est donc un nouveau projet à prendre comme une délicieuse friandise épicée, qui se retourne vers le passé pour y piocher son inspiration." - Metalnews, France

"The rollercoaster that ‘Hunter’ provides throughout those seven songs, is one that takes you back to the highlights of eighties pure heavy metal." - Metal Inside, Belgium

"These guys are out of Belgium and, holy f*ck, are they good..." - Steel Panther, USA

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