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We can at this point not divulge any particulars on the band and its doings. Two of four band members are presently writing their autobiogaphies, hence we are legally barred from giving any information that may compromise the endings of these publications. One other band member is currently ghost writing Herman Van Rompuy's new recipe book for gluten-free hypochondriacs. In haiku. Needless to say, the aforementioned band member is too embarassed to disperse any public info as well. The one item that we can offer for now is the imminent release of the kick-ass sophomore album 'Come Again', which promises to be a whirlwind of musical debauchery, panty wetting teen romance tracks and gripping riff-meistershaft for both you riff raffs and high brows. Already critically acclaimed by a select inner-circle who dabble in cosmetic liposuction and Kayagoogoo bootlegs, 'Come Again' promises to be a release to look out for. Let it be known.


'Come Again' will be released through Jezus Factory in October of 2018.


"Iedereen die intelligente gitaarmuziek met ballen een warm hart toedraagt, kunnen wij [Come Again] dan ook van harte aanraden" - Gonzo Circus

"They’ve hewn a signature sound that has proven difficult to pin down [...] producing a solid heavy rock and punk album that reinforces the justified hype of the Belgium, and by extension, Flanders scene." - Monolith Cocktail

"Ken je het verschil tussen Donald Trump en Grand Blue Heron? De eerste belooft al een paar jaar een muur, de tweede zetten er in amper achterdertig minuten eentje neer die kan tellen. Fact." - Damusic


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