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VI.BE vzw
Bloemenstraat 32
1000 Brussels
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VI.BE is the support centre for artists and the music industry in Flanders and Brussels - from beginner to professional, from local to international, regardless of genre. We build bridges between genres and levels, support talents and put them on the map, both at home and abroad.

At VI.BE we welcome artists seeking tailored advice: from choosing their first instrument to signing a record deal and everything in between. Music professionals can stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the music industry via our website. On VI.BE platform, we work together with more than 800 national and international organisers to offer media exposure and performance opportunities for about 20 000 young bands, DJs and producers. On a local and national level, VI.BE strives for a fertile musical landscape in which artists can grow and shine. We do so by organizing initiatives such as Sound Track, Lokale Helden, Stoemp!, the ‘Popraad’ (Pop Council), the Music Industry Awards (MIAs) and the Belgian Music Week. 

We also push boundaries internationally. Under the banner of Belgium Booms, we support artists and their entourage in building a sustainable international career.

Belgium Booms

Belgium Booms is a collaboration between VI.BE and Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques, with the support of SABAM for Culture and PlayRight+. As Belgium Booms, we have been supporting Belgian artists and their entourage in developing a sustainable international career since 2009.  

Through targeted actions, we bring Belgian music to the attention of foreign professionals - both at home and abroad - and we focus on a qualitative expansion of networks and international collaborations. That is why we coordinate, facilitate, support and promote the presence of Belgian artists (and their entourage) at important foreign - mainly European - showcase festivals, conferences and music fairs. 

Belgium Booms’ activities include organising networking events and speed meetings for music professionals and supporting Belgian acts at showcase festivals via PR campaigns, dedicated communications, online and offline promotion and word-of-mouth publicity.

Belgium Booms does not select artists itself, but supports acts selected by partner festivals and conferences.