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Double DaZZle is a Belgian young & all-round DJ/Producer duo existing of Jenten Lefever & Thomas De Keyzer. Their passion and ambition is mixing and producing the shit out of everything! This all round duo combines various styles of melodic vocal and groovy tracks to harder bassline driven beats into one mix of hand picked quality music, while keeping there roots in mind.

What started as a joke came true! At the age of 15 these two friends & buddy's for life had the idea to merge into Double DaZZle.

Soon they held more of the Studio environment than the school de(s/c)ks!

We first committed to Electronic & Deep - House. A year after, we learned the tricks of the trade and the urge to make our own creations came strong enough to start experimenting the shit out of everything. That's how we learned how to make our own sounds. This was important for us because of the possibilities to adjust your sounds like you want..
This led to a first collaboration called 'Sfinx' wich got a good load of attention!
For us it's important to create something that we like ourselves so that it's possible to get creative with it...
What we like to produce? Progressive groovy electro, Future house and Future bass are things wich are on top of our lists!
Next to the studio work, our DJ career took a quick turn too... There came more mixes and own creations and we played at parties and got the chance to play at local clubs and events such as Bal Der Bals and many more..

At the start of the summer of 2016 we won an amazing Dj-Contest of Robert Abigail (The Robert Abigail Academy). we where selected by the three winners of the 1000 entries. And last but not least we are playing this summer @ Hype - O - Dream festival! We are sharing the decks with some big talents from all over the world. After this experience you can find us in Spain as BoardX DJ! In The beginning of 2017 we were invited to Les2Alpes with our buddy Robert Abigail.

It's the passion for music that keeps us motivated and improving, month by month, day by day.. Our goal is to get as far as possible step by step to end up on a stage that we only first could have dreamed of...


This is where you could and can find us!


Pano Bar (Les 2 Alpes France)
De prins van oranje (Les 2 Alpes France)



Hype - O - Dream Festival 2016 (Main stage)
Bal Der Bals (Main Stage)
Bal van de Economie VEK (Oudenaarde)
Aspiration (EXPO WAREGEM)
Schuimparty (DEERLIJK)
The look (Zwevegem)
Project XL (Desselem)
Ignition4.0 (Vijve city)
Express Yourself Festival Brugge
Strandbal (Vichte)


TOP Radio Airplay - Top Radio Double Cream Radio Show- Club FM - RGR FM- Villa bota - Airplay (By robert Abigail)


Robert Abigail Academy winner
Hunred (Qubus oudenaarde (DJ-contest winner))
Oerwoudfuif (Dj-Contest Winner)
Humo' rock rally (selections)


Resident Banannas (Waregem)
Pick (Brugge)
Yucca (Gent)
Bar Choque (Waregem)
Bar Choque (Menen)
Kings of Neon (WEVELGEM)
Bar Mondial (Waregem)
Beursfuif Jeugdhuis de Jakkedoe (DESSELGEM)
Jeugdhuis den uitvlucht Pink Elephant party (WAREGEM)

How to find our Bookings, New releases & Info?

Tel: +32 499 461 824
Mail: doubledazzle.bookings@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/doubledazzle
Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/5r0YsWnhbciXfJByGPKtfB
Sound cloud : www.soundcloud.com/double-dazzle
Instagram @doubledazzleofficial
Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/5r0YsWnhbciXfJByGPKtfB


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    Track record
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    +32 499 46 18 24