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Born one hot late summer day in 2018 in a bluesy, dark, throwback recording studio. There, between the dials, knobs and wires, vintage instruments and free beers, rose a band called Alone in the Fridge, out of three leathery-skinned, determined men and a potty-mouthed headstrong young lady, and a shared passion for rock music.

“But isn’t rock dead?”, I hear you think, your melancholy resonating in the back of my head. “Didn’t it suffer the same fate as blues and punk?” Well, rest assured that as long as we draw breath, we will rock (and occasionally roll) for all we’re worth. As long as we sit on the buffet table that is music, we will take the big chunks of juicy guitar licks, sweet drum rhythms and flowing bass riffs and wash it down with a couple of good pints.


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