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Driven by intense emotions and raw energy, Belgian instrumental post-metal band All We Expected brings forth a fierce mix of dark reverby patterns, melodic bass lines and pounding drums. In 2014 they released a first EP, followed by a split LP with Irish sludge band Raum Kingdom in 2015.

On the 8th of december 2018, they successfully released their debut full length through dunk!records. Soothing, yet at the same time evoking a controlled feeling of rage, this four piece will leave no one untouched.


"I felt as though I had entered a shadow world. A kind of Stranger Things-esque Upside Down world – all-encompassing darkness, soft lights filtering through the murky but beautiful and shimmering air." (review by CVLT Nation)

“This was a brilliant set, certainly one that proved that All We Expected are on their way up. Immediately after their gig, I imagined them being back the following year, only higher on the bill.” (live review by Merchants of Air)

“Their music challenges many post-rock tropes, and does so elegantly and with gusto.” (live review by Arctic Drones)

“When in full flight, this Belgian unit fly high with dextrous, psychedelic twists and turns. There’s much to be said for cliche in the post metal/post rock genre but AWE simply uproot that particular tree root, turning it over and planting their own magnificent seed.” (review by ninehertz)

"This is top-notch post-metal, something all fans of Russian Circles and Cult Of Luna should add to their collection." (review by Merchants of Air)

"Hatàr verdient een geduldige luisteraar die niet op zoek is naar kortstondig instrumentaal genot, maar die houdt van een plaat die als een vulkaan zeer gestaag uitbarst, en dan toekijkt met een traan in zijn ogen hoe die alles verwoest." (review by Dansende Beren)


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    Roeselaarsestraat 77, 8870 Izegem