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23 Acez is a fairly new band in the Belgian Rock / Metal scene. Originally founded by Benny Willaert as a studio project with guest musicians, and at first, absolutely no intension to play live. After releasing a debut album, Crossroads, and getting some very promising reviews by some well-established magazines, the idea quickly rose to start a band with a stable line-up.

'Remarkable how diverse the band is. Heavy riffs and fat grooves are dominating the songs, but not to be put in the 'metal' corner. Modern progressive rock with a sauce of harmonies of melodic rock and flavoured with elements out of grunge, Britpop and even thrash metal.' 82/100 – Rock Tribune Magazine

'23 Acez serves riff-oriented rock, with influences of Tool, Pantera, 30 Seconds To Mars, and even Muse, provided with unique vocals and flashing guitar solos.' Aardschok Magazine

'A perfect mix of modern hard rock, melodic vocals, fat riffs and pounding grooves referring to bands as Alter Bridge and Shinedown. A powerhouse.' 72/100 – Hell Spawn Magazine

'Surprisingly listenable progressive rock, think of Dream Theater but with more radio potential.' MotherLoveMusic Magazine

The first live shows came in, were very well received and a brand new second full album, 'Redemption Waves', was written in 2014.

Recorded, produced and mixed in Belgium, and mastered by Jacob Hansen, the album will be officially released in January 2015 by Mighty Music.

Belgium's 23 Acez are a poised and eclectic unit who's music can be described as a captivating and refreshing blend of progressive metal and modern rock. Their new album RedemptionWaves provides the listener with a diverse plethora of well crafted cutting edge songs. I highly recommend it to fans of the aforementioned genres, and to those who generally like their good music served "with a twist". Gary Meskil (Darkhaus, Pro-Pain)


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