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Composer searches ensemble for films/dance/theater


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Hi, my name is Jelle (29), composer and musician. I like to write music for film and theater, which is almost always for a different ensemble.

That’s why I’m looking for a permanent ensemble. With this ensemble I would like to make projects with dancers, choreographers, filmmakers, actors...

The style of the ensemble would depend on the project we’re working on: sometimes filmic, sometimes arrangements of different kinds of music (pop, world...) sometimes jazzy or with electronics... In any case a lot of variety, challenge and fun.

Who am I looking for? String players, woodwind players, brass players, pianists, gitarists, percussionists... You name it. For the moment maybe no singers yet.

Where would this happen? I live in Leuven, so that would be ideal, but it also depends on the location of the project we're working on.

About myself: I studied composition at Lemmens Institute with Piet Swerts and Pieter Schuermans. I worked with ensembles like I solisti (wind) and Saevus (choir) and theater groups like Max Last. My compositions have been played in DeSingel Antwerp and Handelsbeurs Ghent. I am a teacher of music composition and play a lot of instruments: piano, guitar, violin, cello, trumpet...

Interested? Let me know by email!


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