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'ALL GOOD' is the first single from Whocat's upcoming album Joyful Rebellion (release March 2019). On the pulse of our metropolis, the song bursts through the Brussels kaleidoscope. This is the home city of this creative band, who swirl around singer and musician Sara Moonen. The Whocat palette is as vibrant as the Brussels spectrum. Through the 'All Good' melodies we can hear echoes of the positive message, ‘it's all good in the brother-and-sisterhood’: it's an ode to a society boasting diversity! 'All Good' is an absolute feel-fine track, viewed through the lenses of director Iwona Pom and cameraman Bert Minnen.

Whocat’s musical universe is created by the Brussels-based singer/songwriter Sara Moonen. The band has a robust foundation: Joris Lindemans (double bass) and Davy Palumbo (drums/percussion) share a versatile, organic approach, with lots of space for interaction. Benoit Minon (electric guitar) possesses endless melodic wit and originality. It's a harmonic universe into which Sara and her men travel with an assured fluidity.



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