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Sam De Paepe and Joris D'hooghe started playing music together as the duo "Sam & Joe", playing classic rock covers. After some months, however, they began writing their own songs and found two more band members: Olivier Penu on drums and Jeroen Van Malderen on the bass. From now on, they continued under the new bandname of 'Voodoo Shop', and soon they recorded their demo-album 'The Nomad'. After one year, Olivier left the band and went to Cologne to continue his music studies. In november 2014, Rikkert De Donder joined the band as the new drummer. After a year of playing shows and rehearsing, the band recorded the 'God in France' EP. In 2017, Voodoo Shop recorded a third studio album ('The Road') together with their former drummer, Olivier, and many other fellow guestmusicians. Eventually Joren Marynissen joined the band as the new drummer, and, alongside seasoned bassplayer Michel Sadin, played his first show on one of the most memorable shows of Voodoo Shop so far, at 'Gentse Feesten 2017'.


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