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Vi.be simplifies every aspect of bringing new talent to the right places

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Get shows, airplay and reviews

Maybe you’re looking for your first gig. Maybe you’re ready to hit the big stages. Or maybe you’re eager to hear a professional’s opinion. Whichever it is, vi.be opens up new opportunities.

Build your audience

Together with the best venues, events, festivals and media vi.be brings new talent in the limelight. We promote upcoming artists all across our network: online, on stage, on air, in magazines, on TV …

Don’t waste your time

Submissions only take one click. We only ask what’s needed when it’s needed, and update your profile on the fly. Your vi.be page has everything that interests promoters and fans – no more, no less.

For Promoters & Media

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Find the right talent

Maybe you want to give upcoming artists a stage. Maybe you organise a music contest. Or maybe you host a radio show or write reviews and love to be the first to present the next big thing. Whichever it is, vi.be makes life easier.

Call. Choose. Promote.

Create your own targeted calls. Manage submissions and your jury. Announce your winners and promote your event. Vi.be is a one stop shop, tailored to your needs.

Build your brand

Support your local talent. Young artists are the avant garde of youth culture. Treat them well and they will give back.

For Music Lovers

Do you just love new music?

Explore the largest collection of local upcoming bands, DJs, producers and solo artists. Keep track of your favorite artists. Share and promote your discoveries in your existing social networks.

About vi.be

Used by 15,000 artists from Belgium

Als jonge Vlaamse band moet je vi.be gewoon gebruiken. Een profiel aanmaken, goeie songs uploaden en inzenden in één blik. Simple as that!

Ides Moon

Used by 500+ Promoters & Media from Belgium and abroad

  • AB
  • Absolutely Free Festival
  • AFTR
  • Antwerp Metal Fest
  • Beursschouwburg
  • Boomtown
  • C-mine
  • Cactus Muziekcentrum
  • Clubcircuit
  • Couleur Café
  • Court-Circuit
  • Crammerock
  • Cutting Edge
  • daMusic
  • Dansende Beren
  • De Beloften
  • De Casino
  • De Grote Post
  • De Zes
  • De Zwerver
  • Democrazy
  • Dj-mania
  • Dranouter
  • Effenaar
  • Enola
  • Forty Five
  • Fuzz Magazine
  • Gebouw-T
  • Genk On Stage
  • Gent Jazz Festival
  • Het Depot
  • Humo
  • I Love Techno
  • Indiestyle
  • Jospop
  • Klara
  • Kontzert.
  • Laundry Day
  • Limbomania
  • Linkerwoofer
  • Lokerse Feesten
  • Maanrock
  • Melkrock
  • Mezz
  • MNM
  • Muziekodroom
  • N9
  • Nekka
  • Oost.Best!
  • Ostend Beach
  • Putrock
  • Radio 1
  • Reggae Geel
  • Rock Herk
  • RockRace
  • Sfinks
  • StuDay
  • Studio Brussel
  • Suikerrock
  • Supernova
  • Sziget Festival
  • Tomorrowland
  • Trefpunt
  • Muziekcentrum TRIX
  • VK concerts
  • Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond
  • Wacken Open Air
  • Westtalent
  • Wilde Westen

Brought to you by Poppunt

Vi.be is created and run by Poppunt, a non-profit company based in Brussels, Belgium. Exposing new talent is part of our mission, and so is helping them out with all musician-related matters. We offer free advice to musicians, DJs and producers. And we love to team up with people or organisations who share our values and love for music.

If you want to know more about Poppunt and our other projects:

Photos: Anton Coene & Jokko