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Pukkelpop (BE) - Ava Berlin (DE) - Red Emperor Bar Tallinn (EE) -
May.B Moscow (RU) - The Mansion Shanghai (CN) - Zebrano London (GB) - Biki 90 Bar (NL) - Sparta Club (HR) - Bar Cool (ME) - Uvala Lapad Beach (Me) - ...

- Winnaar contest Vrijbrief Sittard - Winnaar contest Soiree Tropical Festival - Winnaar Cirque @ Taque - Winnaar @ Mezz Contest - Tweede plaats contest Baxter

Hi, my name is WAЯ., a young Dj from Belgium.

Music has always been very important to me. I grew up listening to The Beatles, New Order, Sex Pistols,... Without these magnificent bands music would not have been the way it is today, I'm sure of that! They were the beginning of my musical background.

For me, it all started with a drum and a xylophone. I love playing these instruments. Unfortunately my carreer at music school did not last a long time because I couldn't and didn't like to play the recorder.

As I grew older I got know Drum & Bass. It was love at the first sight! A good friend of mine was a starting Dubstep Dj. I found it amazing how he was able to control music, and this is where I got interested in spinning. I started spinning Drum & Bass music, booked a few gigs, but somehow I stil didn't feel at home. Something was missing.

After experimenting with different sounds and genres, I found my calling. Techno and house music are my core. They way I get to build up the beats in the songs and at the same time getting the heartbeats of people flowing with the melodies, that's what I live for.

I love to play some old school dance hits in my sets as well. This rangers from Depeche Mode to Da Hool and from Audio Bullys to Enigma.

I love al kinds of music. This is why I learned spinning various genres. I try to show this in my sets and get people dancing wherever we are.



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