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Sweet Billie is a Belgium based music band which began during 2016 with a common passion for soul music : it reached its full potential with singer-songwriter Damia da Costa (St Germain des Prés Café 5, Counterpoint Records/Kudos, Beyond Jazz, Amalgama...), keyboardist Emeline Planchar and today with Martin Keita, bassist and Louis Mergeai, drummer, for a more specific Neo soul/Jazz/afrobeat direction.

After a first EP "Mama" in April 2017, the band published its second EP "Changes" in February 2018 on Bancamp, along with a video from the single "Changes".

Together they offer a combo that brings its own personal touch into soul music. A sparkle of Afro soul, a layer of Nu soul and many other influences from jazz to afrobeat... Sweet Billie delivers a unique sound which reflects the multicultural identities and musical backgrounds of the band.

In 2017 Sweet billie was finalist of the Tremplin Festival de Dour, winner of the Tremplin Beach Days Festival, finalist/winner of several musical contests in Flanders during 2017 and in 2018, selected for the Reflektor Lab and finalist of the Tremplin de Namur.


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