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New single "Don't Close Your Eyes" out NOW!!!

Since their formation in 2009, Set Things Right have been a band that have taken their home country of Belgium by storm with their furiously energetic shows and signature sound, enhanced by the clean vocals of their bassist and harsh screams of their frontman. With these aspects, combined with each individual member's musical tastes, the band has been considered to stand out from the crowd.
In July 2011, the band released their debut album « The Never Ending Road » which spawned 2 music videos, both collectively gaining over 20,000 views on YouTube, and allowed them to grow within the music scene, as well as give them some incredible opportunities, such as opening the main stage at the Jera On Air festival 2012 in Holland and performing with Lostprophets (UK), Eyes Set To Kill (US), Young Guns (UK), Brutality Will Prevail (UK), Walking With Strangers (SWE), Feed the Rhino (UK), and many more.
Last year their frontman, Tom, was diagnosed with a rare form of blood complication and was extremely ill, almost to the point where the band was unable to continue. The motivation and will to survive as a band pushed them forward and in the end, they managed to pull through. At the end of 2012, the band did a comeback show after a Hiatus of nearly 6 months, along with the annoucement of a new member, and that Tom was on the road to recovery, which was well received. The band consider themselves extremely lucky to still be doing what we love despite this complication, and it made them stronger as a band and able to endure a lot more.


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