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Silke and the boys were on their way to the harbour to get some more rum when, suddenly, a seagull dropped the Telecaster it had been carrying overhead. It crashed to the ground, narrowly missing Nick who immediately picked it up and started knocking out some riffs. Amazingly enough other instruments started to drop from the skies, including a custom-built bass (which delighted Ed) and a fine set of drums, just right for Siebe.

Pretty soon the boys were laying down the coolest Harbour Town Blues stylings right there on the jetty but, tragically, just as Silke was about to join in with her lovely voice a massive wave came up from the sea and washed the guys away, never to be seen again.

Fortunately, back at the secret laboratory, Silke was able to clone the three gentlemen, making use of genetic material retrieved from their favourite knitwear, thus was she finally able to add her gorgeous vocalisings to those wicked rythms and The Harbour Town Blues Revue was born to groove.

And groove they will, on a stage near you pretty dam' soon.


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