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The Partytrashers are an Antwerp-based collective of artists creating a distinctive blend of pop, electro and eurotrash. Through their unique music, performances and visual art they try to spread a message of inclusivity and creativity. The group consists of five people that have created exaggerated personas that reflect their truest selves: The alien Highliss, enigmatic Princess of the Scheldt, monstrous Cretina the Vampire Mermaid, DiaManT with the voice of a siren, and producer/space-pirate Jimmy Kidd. These artists each bring their own unique skills to projects like ‘Partytrashing’, the EP they released in 2016 along with videoclips for their singles ‘Andy Warhol’ and ‘Bearbie’.

The Partytrashers have translated their music and visual style into hyperkinetic live performances and they have graced many stages since their inception. Most notably shows at Pukkelpop, a Belgian music festival, and Milkshake festival in the Netherlands.

Currently, the Partytrashers are working hard on their newest project: ‘Origins’. This project consists of several videos that detail the mythical origin of each member of the group, the soundtrack of these clips will also be released separately later this year. They are also working on a full-length album that is set to be released sometime next year.

A party isn't a party without Partytrashers on stage!


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