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Hyper-talented newbie O S K I – alias by Oscar Santos - isn’t really a newcomer in the Belgian scene. He started producing Dance music at the age of 9, and he entered the world’s biggest singing competition ‘The Voice’ on national television in Belgium when he was 11. After ‘The Voice’, Belgian DJ/media sensation Regi started investing time in Oscar’s project, what led to his first big DJ-gigs. Oscar kept on producing banger after banger until the beginning of 2019.

Oscar’s interest in Dance music started to fade away while his obsession for hip-hop music started to grow. He felt like a new alias would be a great opportunity to please the world with both genres. His greatest sources of inspirations are Tyler, The Creator (US) and Aries (US). No sooner said than done Oscar launched his brand-new alias ‘O S K I’.

‘O S K I’ started gaining attention through today’s number one social media platform Instagram by getting a load of shares on people’s stories. His first self-released EP ‘Homemade’ made it to 20.000 streams in its first week. The combination of his well-produced beats and his super-catchy lyrics makes people want to listen to it on repeat!


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