Camille Camille naar Excite’s Talent Development Week: Verslag uit Göteborg

Excite organiseerde voor de tweede keer een Talent Development Week. Belgische artieste Camille Camille en coach Jan Viggria trokken naar Göteborg.



Excite, languit ‘Exchange of International Talent in Europe’, is een uitwisselingsproject waarbij negen Europese muziekorganisaties (waaronder VI.BE) sinds 2009 beloftevolle bands op hun eerste buitenlandse avontuur sturen. Een nieuwe toevoeging aan het project zijn de Talent Development Weeks, waarbij artiesten en experts uit verschillende landen worden samengebracht. Poppunt (nu VI.BE) stuurde Belgische artieste Camille Camille en coach Jan Viggria naar Zweden. Wat Camille in daar zoal gedaan heeft, vertelt ze hieronder.

This summer I got invited by Poppunt and Excite to their Talent Development Week. After the songwriting camp in de Ardennen with Poppunt I more or less had an idea of what to expect from it. But I still felt stoked like a kid going on a new adventure, ready to learn a lot and make new friends, diving into the unknown with wide open arms!

Five days in total, five artists from five different European countries. We had JSSY from the Netherlands, Rossman from Norway, Sarah Muldoon from Germany Nathan Aeli from Sweden and myself. Four experts joined us on our journey. Jan Viggria (songwriter, BE), Ton van der Werf (manager, NL), Nicholas Van Eck (musician, manager, label, project leader, NO) and Ander Lagerfors (producer, SE).

They gave workshops to share their knowledge with us on the music industry, talk about the creative process when writing music as well as the importance of the (less exciting but useful) administrative stuff. All such genuine, kind an open people. Beside their talks, they all took the time for some one to one chat with all of us to answer further questions or just to talk about our musical journey and the next steps.

Between the different workshops we had some great time visiting the beautiful Nacksving Studios (which I will talk about below) as well as Pustervik, the most established and major venue of Gothenburg. We even got some sunshine between the raindrops and hardcore wind which we enjoyed by the Swedish waters!

The second we entered Nacksving Studios I knew it was a special place. Some parts of the ceiling were covered with 400 years old paintings. It was some sort of Ali Baba’s cave for musicians. Moreover, Anders is a lovely human and incredibly talented producer. We all got offered two hours and a half in the studio with him. Free to use it the way we wanted to. Work further on a song, compose or even record a new one. Which I did. And I am so stoked to share it with the world!

We also got the chance to record a live session which is now online!

As closure for these pretty days Robin and Caroline (the two sweet humans who managed the team during the stay and kept it all rolling) organized a showcase at Bengans, the oldest record store of the city. It was so lovely to see everybody perform after having learned to know them and heard so much about their project. It was quite emotional too I have to say. All such talented and beautiful people!

I very much can’t put in words how greatful I am for this week. I expected it to be a songwriting camp. It wasn’t (though I wrote a new song in my hotel room!) It was more about the development of our own project, learning always more about the operation of this rollercoaster we’re all thirsty to jump on, and the opportunity to meet talented people from our planet.

Hier vind je het fotoalbum van de week in Göteborg.
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