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On a cold night walking in the woods. Every tree was looking the same until a certain building in the distance decided to make the difference. While everyone was asleep, the only place that seemed awake appeared out of nowhere. A whispering voice was guiding people through the cracking door of that building, because somehow its neon advertising sign was broken so the owners searched other options to get their attention. After entering, all the people were passing out. Afterwards, none of them dared to speak about it ever again. The night after, some people went back trying to read the neon sign but there was no single trace of a building anymore. To cope with the madness, some people started to dig desperately in the ground until one scream made everyone stop. Some letters were found. They were covered in sand, but glowed as if their lives were at stake. A deep silence was interrupted when someone read the name: “Mood-Sucker”.



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