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First of all I'd like to recommend you to take a look at my Facebook page as I'm most active on there! Videos & pictures from shows, info, upcoming gigs and many more.

Deejay for about a year now and already played at BoardX (Berria & Zarrautz Spain), Club EXO resident (Waasland), Pulse Café (Doornik), JIM Maniacs, Marquee (Leuven), Culture Club (Ghent), Vooruit (Ghent), Red & Blue (Antwerp), Café Local (Antwerp), Noxx (Antwerp) and more!

I founded the audiovisual YouTube channel Mellow Uploads (https://www.youtube.com/mellowuploads) back in late 2013 and have been the CEO ever since. With at this point having 29.000+ subscribers, Mellow Uploads' music style can't be associated in any way with my Michael Amani project as I am a more dynamic deejay who loves to play all genres; from commercial to deep & future house, rnb etc.

As a deejay it's crucial to look at what your audience wants. Although my favorite style is house (deep house or commercial), if you're for example headlining the main stage of an EDM festival, deep house isn't really an option. A deejay has to know his place on this line-up. You get me.

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