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Releases: Unlike:U 001: I Can't & HNDRK - Keep it Techno

Kaskaderi 006: HNDRK & I Can't - Fake Kick

Translucent: Dj Hi-Shock & Ortin Cam - Wreck It (I Can't Dream Remix)

Unlike:U D001: I Can't & Minus7 - Replicate

Kaskaderi: I Can't & Matt Krank - Observe

Coincidence Records: I Can't - Subject To Change

At 14 he picked up his first records to play, which quickly grew out to be his favourite activity, 2 years later he was messing around with Ableton. What happened since then are long hours behind the decks and behind the computer. Expect a mix of dark, spacey, and sometimes melodic sounds.


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