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We are a band from Woesten that started in October 2016.

In May 2017 we recorded a demo (4 songs) recorded by Ruben De Wilde and mixed by the legendary AK. The following month we played a tryout show in Veurne, after that we went back to the 'shack' and wrote a couple more songs. We now have enough material to play a, powerful, 35 minute set consisting only out of original material.

In May 2018 we won Verse Vis 'De Zwaarste Editie' and we got to play Ieperfest Hardcore Festival!

All band members play(ed) in other bands such as Stonemule, Vaulted Needles, Vincent Vegas, Consul and many others.

If you like Hardcore, Punk or Thrash metal check out our demo in the sidebar or on youtube.

If you'd like to book us, send us an email highkickwizzard[at]gmail.com


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    Track record
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    Hoograadstraat 2, 8600 Beerst