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Dj Kumbia beats plays a combination of tradicional cumbia, new cumbia, cumbia digital with elektro, Drums & Bass, Funk, Moombahton, Global Bass, Bolivian Folk, Rock, and Afro. Most of the songs played are also from his own production & composicion.

Marco Bustamante, born in Beni Bolivia,descendant from the Quechua culture, lived most of the time in his country but travelled around during 10 years as a muscician. First experiences were with Native Bolivian folk music playing instruments like charango,quena,zampoñas,pinquillos,tarkas,etc. Then moved to the other extreme as a Dj of House, Elektro, Funk, Disco and electro Afro-Latin styles. Another experiences is as a guitar player of de latin Mariachi rock group Sindicato Sonico.
Dj Kumbia Beats, started 4 years ago mixing all kind of songs shared in soundcloud and playing in pubs, clubs and festivals.

Festivals played: Couleur Cafe Wanted, Pole Pole Beach, Sfinks Mixed, and Kokopelli Festival.

Dj Kumbia Beats plays also live with muscicians.

Boeking e-mail:camba63@hotmail.com


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    Track record
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    Sint Laureisstraat 69 bus 102