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We are Crying Boys Cafe. We’ve got our feet in early folk and gospel recordings, our hands are warmed by afro jazz drums, we can stand upright with the help of eighties’ exotics like Grace Jones, Talking Heads and The Smiths and our crown is modern day music avant-garde like Dirty Projectors, Panda Bear and James Blake. Our music is love for what’s beyond words, a celebration of sadness.

Crying Boys Cafe was initiated by singer Jasper Hupkens and is now a rhythm-breathing four-piece band, driven by despair as much as by dancing. The debut record, due to be released late 2016, The Keys not the People contains the songs imagined by Jasper – brought to life by the band. The Keys not the People was meticulously edited into a sweet sonic collage, that sings about waking up from a state of mental half-life.


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