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Spawned out of the Antwerp underground, Animal Version is finally about to release their debut album (release 13th of May 2015). Experimental alternative rock, with a dynamic outline, progressive in character, melodic in expression and fiery by blood.

The concept of Animal Version rooted long ago in an era when animals still talked and made music. Bipedal furry creatures constantly migrated for survival during the ice ages, continuously looking for coalition to enhance their musical
thrill that sounded deep from within their skulls. Hereby intercontinentally
influenced, an eclectic experimental sound was starting to take shape. However
no solid structures of repetition, no songs were written. The common language
was music and the infinite dialogue were long jam sessions. Their primal
noise-making attracted other creatures, hungry and rutting from the shadows.
After a surprise attack from a pack of carnivorous star-nosed moles (Condylura Cristata) they sought refuge on higher ground. There, it was warmer, more tropical, with periodic rains of flaming debris from ultra-volcanoes. From this moment their music was inevitably infused with fire and blood and then ... they started to rock!


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    Track record
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