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Carrion is a Ghent based death metal band which started out in 2007 as a coverband. Just some friends playing music they like. In 2008 the band became more serious by ditching the covers and focussing only own written songs, together with a slight alteration of the line up. The same year Carrion recorded a 4 track demo at Dock Rock's studio in Puurs. Till 2012 they hit a lot of shows all over Belgium and beyond, and home recorded some songs which ended up on samplers. 2012 was the most important year for Carrion. The first shirts where printed and sold, and more importantly: a full length album was recorded. During may and june of 2012 "Revelations" was recorded at Nicolas Toussaint's Brainworksstudios in Enschede (The Netherlands). The album was released on the 1st of november on a big show together with Resistance and Leng Tch'e. Now Carrion is focussing making new songs for the second album and playing lots of shows. We are always looking for new shows. So don't hesitate and just contact us. CONTACT and BOOKINGS





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