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Sweet Billie started in 2016 under the impulse of the di Pinto brothers. With their common passion for soul music, they started a band which was completed with bass player Talisa Anibie and singer-songwriter Damia da Costa.

The di Pinto brothers, Pascal (guitar) and Johan (drums), come from a family of musicians where blues, soul, folk and rock music were part of their up-bringing. They often played music together and did many gigs and recordings.

Damia da Costa has a long experience in soul/ jazz/broken beat/house music, she recorded a few tracks which were published on several labels ( Compilation Saint Germain des Prés Café n°5 - Wagram, Amalgama, Beyond Jazz, Counterpoint records...)

Talisa Anibie is a self-taught bassist who has a natural talent for music and a perfect ear.

Together they offer a combo that brings its own personal touch to the neo soul music. A sparkle of Africanism since Damia and Talisa share the same Congolese origins and the many influences from other types of music from blues to electro jazz, from drum and bass too pop music...

Sweet Billie offers a refreshing sound that needs to be heard !


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