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In Da Mix
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“He plays repetitive chords & apreggio’s reminding you of Philip Glass, and he hums & sings along as Glenn Gould” (K. Bonneure, Belgian Journalist & Author).

It’s notable that audiences and journalists alike talk about his music by referring to renowned musicians such as Ludovicio Einaudi, Keith Jarret, Arvo Pärt, Wim Mertens and Nils Frahm... because unlike them, Vrancken never received any formal musical training. He’s a true autodidact and only started playing the piano at the late age of 22.

Steven completed his studies in Communication Sciences at the University of Antwerp in 2002. Afterwards he immediately started working as a professional street theatre artist and performer. Following his first public piano concert in May 2008, he started to focus on his musical career and the creation of his first album. The loyal fan base he built over the years, allowed him to successfully crowdfund his second album. He has performed in Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France and was invited to give a concert at the Mérida Music Festival in Mexico in 2013. Since then he started to study electronic music, mixing & mastering techniques to integrate a new vibe in his music. Summer 2017 crowdfunded successfully his third album which is still in production (release date spring 2018).

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“Steven’s music (‘Into resonance’) reminds you of works by Arvo Pärt & Wim Mertens ...” (Radio Klara, Belgium, 2011)

“‘Resonancia II’ ... often sounding like Keith Jarrett’s improvisations. Steven Vrancken proves that ‘less is more’ and, moreover, that music really can soften the morals” (Cobra.be).

“Imagine silence itself were a musician, would it play the piano like Steven does? Well indeed, maybe it would... ” (Alexander Wolfram, Belgian author).


‘In Between’ Double CD, piano, world music, soundscapes (expected mid 2018)
'Tot in den Draai' music for documentary (late 2016 - early 2017)
‘All is well - Remix 1’ Single by Steven Vrancken (2014)
‘Phenomenae’ co-production, world music by Soundjourney Ensemble (2014)
‘Yucatan Nature Sounds’ nature soundscape by Steven Vrancken (2013)
‘Resonancia II’ piano solo by Steven Vrancken (2013)
‘Pure sea sounds’ nature soundscape by Steven Vrancken (2011)
‘Into resonance’ piano solo by Steven Vrancken (2011)
‘Higher motions’, composition on the album ‘Troissoeur’ (2004 by EMI Belgium)


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