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4 gasten uit regio Gent die graag lawaai maken, maar het toch wat melodieus proberen houden. Hun wortels liggen in grunge, maar hun muziek heeft zich inmiddels ook vertakt naar stonerrock en sludge, met hier en daar een vleugje post-rock en psychedelic.

Hun eerste EP, opgenomen door Erik Van Biesen, is nu gratis te beluisteren én downloaden op bandcamp!

"This EP is a journey. The transition between segments and songs is seamless, alternating between fuzzy aggression and spacy leads. Also diverse is the vocal delivery – although singing is predominantly employed there are well placed screams in each song. My favorite aspect of this release is by far the guitar work. Whether we’re hearing a Sabbathian groove, a more modern stoner metal approach or a post-rockish crescendo, the tone is always appropriate and the instrument beautifully performed. Seriously, wait until you hear the solos on this baby, all of them soulful, tasteful and epic. Most important of all, they are meaningful." -Toilet ov Hell

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