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Signs Of Algorithm is a Belgian Metalcore/Deathcoreband. Basically, an algorithm is a mathematical term to become a solution out of different parts. “Whilst making our music we go through a similar process. We combine different genres, different patterns, different influences to build new songs. So our band name is directly connected to the creation of our very own music.” That’s the story behind Signs Of Algorithm.

The band hit their first stages during the summer of 2013. Meanwhile they played tons of shows in different countries & shared stages with talents like I Wrestled A Bear Once (US), Texas In July (US), I The Breather (US), Heart In Hand (UK), Shoot The Girl First (FR), Polar (UK), Novelists (FR), Leng T'che (BE), Early Seasons (FR), All The Shelters (FR), Braincasket (NL), Anymore (IT), Vitja (DE) and many more …

In august 2014, Signs Of Algorithm, have hit the road for their first European Summer Tour. Since the band existed for 1 year, they celebrated this with 2 weeks of touring in different countries like Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic & France.

“Everyone is always welcome to come out and see us on stage. You have our word that we’ll give you one hell of a show and give ourselves completely! Because that’s what it’s all about, having a good time, having fun & show ourselves to the outside world.”

Cheers !!

Signs Of Algorithm

Feel free to check our official bandpage on www.facebook.com/signsofalgorithm


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