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Hi, I am a music producer/musician (drums-guitar-bass-synth-protools and logic programming) I worked with : A Balladeer (NL) - Bløf (NL) - Volumia! (NL) - Xander de Buisonjé (NL) - Lea Dan (BE) -Danae (BE)-Dinky Toys (BE)-Pop in Wonderland (BE) -Wim Soutaer (BE)-Chantal Janzen (NL)-Peter Van Laet(BE) - Paul Michiels (BE) - Toots & PDM big band (BE) - Sonny O' Brien(BE) -Tess Goossens (B)-Bluem (NL)-Chris Luka (NL)-Voicemail (B) - Will Tura (B) - Mama's Jasje (B)- Isabelle A(B) - Peter Van laet( (B)-Roel Vanderstukken (BE)-Dean (BE)- Dokter Vroman (BE) Vincent Weynen (BE) -Sons Uniques (BE)-Tax Clan (BE) -SONG CITY productions with Milow (B)-Stan van Samang (B)-Elliott Murphy (USA)- Garland Jeffreys (USA)-Bj Scott (USA) -Kit Hain (USA)-Bob Neuwirth (USA)- Ellen Foley (USA)- Udo (B)-Eva De Roovere (B) -Yasmine (B) -Studio 9 productions with Di-RECT (NL) -Nynke Laverman (NL)- Frank Boeijen (NL)-Miss Montreal (NL)- Frans BAUER (NL)-Mooi Wark (NL)-Angela Groothuizen (NL)-Yes-r (NL)-Hyplified (NL) -3J's (NL)- Lange Frans (NL)- Snow Patrol (GB) (guitar on remix by Frank De Wulf)- Ìrish Coffee (B) etc.


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